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Utilizing digital assets for more business opportunities.

We offer a wide range of services, including the formation of business entities, business consulting, contract drafting and review, intellectual property protection, tokenization, NFT utility consulting, and other complex issues facing Web3 founders.

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Helping businesses establish their legal identity through entity creation. This can involve setting up an LLCs, corporation, or nonprofit organization, depending on the specific needs and goals of the business. Establishing a separate legal entity is crucial for protecting the personal assets of the business owners and enabling the business to enter into contracts, own assets, and incur liabilities on its own. If you're considering incorporating your business or setting up a new legal entity, it's important to work with an experienced lawyer or law firm who can guide you through the process and explain any potential risks.
Recommending the type of entity you should create
Filing documentation with the state and federal governments
Drafting the necessary paperwork

Communicating to your customer in a transparent way

When dealing with smart contracts and non-fungible tokens, it's important to carefully list the terms and conditions of your minting website and to also abide by the terms and conditions of marketplaces such as OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and Rarible. These terms outline the rights and responsibilities of both the website and the user and can cover a wide range of issues such as digital collectible ownership and copyright, personal information usage, details of the buying and sales transaction, and dispute resolution. For example, if your company is based in the United States and considering minting digital collectibles for sale, there are terms and conditions that need to be listed on the website to ensure you are abiding by regulatory compliance.
Clearly explaining the terms of your NFT minting website
Communicating what you do with your customer's data
Protect (or give away) your creations intellectual property

Managing expectations and clarifying terms

The importance of contracts is to establish clear terms and expectations for any project preparing for a launch event even in the metaverse. Whether you're an employee or business owner, a well-written contract can protect your interests and help to avoid misunderstandings and disputes. They are especially important in the negotiation process, as they provide a clear record of the terms that have been agreed upon.
Agreements that help you clearly explain each sides role
Protect your confidential information
Create partnerships with other major brands

Guiding utility to fulfill potential

One key issue to consider is whether the utility offered by a particular NFT project may be considered securities by the SEC. This can have significant implications for both the creators and buyers of the NFT, and it's important to be mindful of these regulatory considerations to ensure compliance and avoid any potential legal problems.
Using rewards points to avoid SEC issues
Limit marketing products as an investment
Guidance on regulatory issues

Protect or give away rights to your digital creations

Many businesses and works are protected by copyright, trademark, or other forms of intellectual property, and it is essential for NFT creators and owners to understand the differences in their rights and responsibilities in this area. If you need legal advice or assistance with licensing agreements to protect your NFT assets, we offer a range of services to help you navigate the complexities of the NFT market.
Trademark searches
Opinion letters
Registering with the USPTO
what we offer

Maximizing your value through strategic legal planning.

We understand the challenges and opportunities of the digital age and are dedicated to helping businesses like yours thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Strategy Consultant
Let's create a legal strategy to take you to the next level:
10 hours per month
Start up advisor
Plan of action for your first $1 million in funding
Consultation and guidance
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General Counsel
Everything legal except litigation including but not limited to:
Up to 20 hours per month
Entity formation
Trademark research, opinion, and filing
Document drafting tailored to your needs
Consultation and advisement
Digital collectible analysis
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Let's train your current team on the legal aspects of emerging blockchain tech:
Virtual or in person sessions
What is the Blockchain
What are digital collectibles/assets
How your team can leverage the tech and advise clients
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The possibilities for digital collectibles in the Film, Fashion, and Sports Business.

We understand that the emergence of Web3 presents significant opportunities for growth and innovation.
re-directing the audience experience
Limited edition media and collectibles
Exclusive experiences
Distribute films
Combat piracy
Unique collectibles
Tickets to screenings and film festivals
safeguarding and expanding your digital creations
Verify authenticity, provenance, and sustainability
Protect your creations
New business models and revenue streams
Engage community
creating longevity off the field for a SUCCESSFUL career
New revenue streams
Authenticate memorabilia
Engage fans in a new way
Document your athletic journey
Social tokenization

I’m Pablo,
I help you navigate the complex world of law and digital assets

Whether you are a film production company, sports franchise, professional athlete, or fashion brand, we have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

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"In the coming year, we can expect to see more innovative uses for NFTs and digital collectibles. As the technology continues to mature and more people become familiar with it, the possibilities are endless..."

Pablo Segarra, Esq.

Founder, Segarra Consulting

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John Jay College of Criminal Justice
New York Law School

Bar Admission and Professional Affiliations

New York State and City Bar Association
New York State Bar Association Task Force On Emerging Digital Finance and Currency
Latinx Professionals board of directors
Nexus Latinx 501(c)(3) non profit founder

Speaking/ Media Engagements

2023 (Upcoming) NFT NYC, 2022 Web3 Women Summits, 2022 Hola Metaverso Bogotá, 2022 Sazón Tech Conference New Jersey, 2022 Solana Hacker House Miami, 2022 Hola Metaverso Los Angeles, 2022 Bronx Entrepreneurship Summit, 2022 SOMOS Conference Puerto Rico

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